NEMA Financial Sales Report
Net Sales to Domestic Customers for Fiscal Year 2020

NEMA By-laws require that the Member companies pay Section fees on products they manufacture and that are within the NEMA Product Scopes. Questions concerning the Product Scopes and/or the proper classification of products within the Sections shown below may be directed to Vi Lilly, Membership Director at 703-841-3202 or via email at:, NEMA, 1300 N. 17TH ST, SUITE 900, ROSSLYN, VA 22209.

Members that choose not to submit financial information for a Section requiring such data should first read and then check the Financial Sales Report opt-out box at the bottom of this form.

Confidentiality Statement: All data submitted to NEMA using the Financial Sales Report are maintained and kept strictly confidential.

Reporting Instructions

What Amounts to Report:

  • Domestic net sales of products within the scope of the NEMA product group, regardless of where the product is manufactured.
    • Includes sales of products manufactured and sold by your company bearing the company's trade or identifying mark on the products.
    • Includes sales of products manufactured by your company bearing its trade or identifying mark that are sold by any other manufacturer provided no further processing or assembly work is performed by the other manufacturer.
    • Includes sales of products purchased by your company from another manufacturer and resold with your company's trade or identifying mark on the product. (Referred to in the By-Laws as "brand labeling.")
    • Includes sales of products manufactured by your company for another company that is not an electrical manufacturer and bears that company's trade or identifying mark.
    • Includes sales of products manufactured by your company for another electrical manufacturer that is not a NEMA Member and bears that company's trade or identifying mark.
    • Includes sales of products sold in U.S. territories and the District of Columbia; sales of products billed to the United States Government, regardless of where the products are shipped.

What Amounts to Exclude:

  • Do not report net sales of products manufactured in North America or outside North America and sold outside of the United States.
  • Do not report net sales billed to the United States Government where it is acting as a purchasing agent for a foreign entity.
  • Do not include federal excise taxes paid.
  • Do not include net sales of products manufactured by your company for another NEMA Member company bearing that company's trade or identifying mark on the product without further processing or assembly by that company. (Such function performed by the reseller is referred to in the By-Laws as "brand labeling.")
  • Do not include net sales of products purchased for resale by your company that are without further processing or assembly and with the original manufacturer's trade or identifying mark on the product.
  • Do not include sales of products that your company will no longer own or manufacture during the upcoming membership year.

When finished providing the requested information, please click on the submit button to securely deliver the Financial Sales Report to NEMA's Accounting Department.

Questions? Contact Vi Lilly, Membership Director at 703-841-3202 or by email at

Financial Sales Report (Report Net Sales)

New CodeOld Code
IS-AT7HWAdvanced Technology Wire and Cable$
IS-AW1EWArc Welding$
IS-BW7WC1Building Wire and Cable and Flexible Metal Conduit$
IS-CM1CMCarbon/Manufactured GraphiteSection Directed
IS-FX7WC4Flexible Cords$
IS-IA1ISIndustrial Automation Control Products & Systems$
IS-IM16IM1Insulating Materials 1: Flexible Insulation & Mica$
IS-IM26IM2Insulating Materials 2: Industrial Laminate$
IS-IM36IM3Insulating Materials 3: Electrical Insulating Resins$
IS-IM46IM4Insulating Materials 4: Electrical Tubing & Sleeving$
IS-MG1MGMotor & Generator (Special Instructions)$
IS-MG-SM1MG6Motor & Generator: Small Machine (Special Instructions)$
IS-MW6MWMagnet WireSection Directed
IS-PC7WC2Power & Control Cable$
New CodeOld Code
LS-BL2BLBallast & Driver$
LS-EM2EMEmergency Lighting$
LS-LC2LCLighting Controls$
LS-LL2LLLight Source$
New CodeOld Code
BS-CN3BMSConnected Building SystemsSection Directed
BS-DB3DBDry Battery$
BS-DC3DCResidential & Commercial Controls$
BS-LV15LVDE1LVDE 1: Molded Case Circuit Breaker$
BS-LV25LVDE2LVDE 2: Panelboards, Loadcenters, & Distribution Boards$
BS-LV35LVDE3LVDE 3: Switches$
BS-LV45LVDE4LVDE 4: Busway$
BS-PE1PEPower Electronics$
BS-SB3SBFire, Life Safety, Security & Emergency Communication$
BS-SB23SB2Health Care Communication & Emergency Call Systems$
BS-SM5ESMElectrical SubmeterSection Directed
New CodeOld Code
BI-CB5CBCable BusSection Directed
BI-CLCable Cleat Section Directed
BI-CT5CTCable Tray$
BI-EN5ENEnclosuresSection Directed
BI-FB5FBConduit Fittings$
BI-HC5HCHealth Care Facility Equipment$
BI-OS5OSOutlet & Switchbox$
BI-PP5PPGround Fault Personnel Protection$
BI-PR5PRPin & Sleeve Plug, Receptacle and Connector$
BI-RN5RNSteel Conduit & Electrical Metallic Tubing Section$
BI-TC5TCPolymer Raceway$
BI-TI5FB2Conduit Fittings: Cable TieSection Directed
BI-VS5VSLow Voltage Surge Protective Devices$
BI-WD5WDWiring Devices$
New CodeOld Code
US-CC8CCElectrical Connector$
US-DA8DADistribution AutomationSection Directed
US-EI18EI1Electrical Measuring Equipment: Electrical MeteringSection Directed
US-EI38EI3Electrical Measuring Equipment: Meter Mounting & Test Equipment$
US-ES8ESEnergy StorageSelf-Declaration Form
US-HV8HVHigh Voltage Insulator$
US-LA8LASurge Arresters (Special Instructions)$
US-SG8SGSwitchgear (Special Instructions)$
US-TP18TP1Transformers 1: Dry-Type & Specialty Transformers$
US-TP28TP2Transformers 2$
New CodeOld Code
TN-EV5EVElectric Vehicle Supply Equipment/SystemsSection Directed
TN-TS3TSTransportation Management Systems & Associated Control DevicesSelf-Declaration Form
New CodeOld Code
MI-MI9MIIMedical Imaging Informatics$
MI-MO9MOMolecular Imaging$
MI-MR9MRMagnetic Resonance$
MI-UD9UDUltrasound Imaging$
MI-XR9XRX-Ray Imaging$
FS-147 Form

Financial Sales Report Opt-out Statement
By checking this box, the Member Company has elected not to submit sales data for any Section(s) for which the Member's Section fees are determined based on a proportion of the Member Company's sales compared to all other Member companies in the Section(s). As required by NEMA's By-laws, the Member Company agrees to accept a 10 percent year-over-year increase in the amount of sales used in calculating its membership fees. The Member Company also agrees to waive its rights to renegotiate the amount of the final membership invoice as it may adversely affect fees already invoiced to other Section Members.

NOTE: Members will be contacted prior to the annual membership invoicing to confirm this option at which time a Member may elect to submit sales data.

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